Sports Camps for Aspiring Athletes

Run an exciting and engaging fitness camp for your school, sports club or group focusing on overall fitness and sports training. Our camp venue is designed to provide an incredible fitness journey for your students and aspiring athletes. We have a function room for coaches and PE teachers to deliver educational talks and team workshops.

Specialised Camp Programs for Athletes

We offer high-end fitness facilities, comfortable accommodation and a variety of activities onsite to deliver an effective training camp. If required, our preferred supplier PHIIT Club will tailor-make an outcome-based program for your school, sports club or group.

  • Orienteering
  • Ridge Walk
  • Hill Runs
  • Hiking
  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Soccer
  • Skills Development
  • Hedge Maze
  • Campfires
  • Recovery Facilities
  • Fitness Equipment

Where Sports Training, Fitness and Adventure Combine

Our sports and fitness camp venue offers ample space between accommodation sites, allowing you to enjoy the iconic Village Green facilities and the serene Valley of a Thousand Hills surrounding the property.

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Sports Camp Packages for Schools & Clubs

Done For You

Our preferred supplier PHIIT Club delivers an exceptional fitness program and camp with expert guidance on nutrition and fitness.

  • Includes everything from Do It Yourself

PHIIT Club Instruction

  • Expert Fitness Instruction
  • Outcome Based Program
  • Nutrition Workshops
  • Fitness Programs & Guidance
  • In-House Chef

*Minimum 20 people

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Do It Yourself

Your club/school organises its own training camp and The Village Green provides the venue/facilities.

  • Group Accommodation
  • Separate Staff Accommodation
  • Oval Access & Changerooms
  • Access to Fitness Equipment

Add-On Catering

  • Local Supplier
  • Delivered Onsite
  • All Dietary Requirements

*Minimum 20 people

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We’re an Accredited Camp Facility in Strath Creek

Our Sports Camp Facilities

Our property is versatile and can be used for recreation, night activities, meetings, and workshops. Each accommodation is equipped with a TV, free Wi-Fi, split system air conditioners, and a BBQ.

Group Accommodation

Rest comfortably in our spacious accommodation.

Gym & Equipment

Stay in top shape with our state-of-the-art fitness equipment.

Turf Wicket

Enjoy playing cricket on our professionally maintained turf wicket.

Goal Posts

Test your skills and score goals with our goal posts on the oval.

Ridge Walk

Follow the ridge walk signs and experience the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding countryside.

Function Room

Our venue features a versatile function room for meals, workshops and team bonding.

Host sports camps and more

School Camps

Schools can take advantage of our exceptional facilities to create memorable and enriching camp experiences for their students.

Football Camps

Immerse yourself in football, where you can enhance your skills, train, and embrace the passion of the game.

Sports Camps

Discover a world of athletic training and teamwork at our dynamic sports camp facility.

Fitness Bootcamp

Achieve your team goals with an intensive and empowering fitness bootcamp.

From Glampers to Bunkhouses, We Have Camp Accommodation for Everyone

Discover the perfect accommodation for aspiring athletes in Strath Creek, Victoria. Our camp provides spacious rooms, modern amenities, and abundant communal areas, ensuring a comfortable and convenient stay for athletes looking to enhance their training experience.

1 – 4 People


Up to 25 People

The Bunkhouse

Up to 13 People

The Headley Homestead

Let's Plan Your Camp

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We offer exciting and engaging fitness camps for schools, focusing on sports training and overall fitness. Our camps provide a holistic approach by incorporating educational talks on nutrition and the workings of the human body, along with covering topics such as training load and recovery.

    We offer specialized camp programs for both professional athletes and aspiring talents. These programs include activities such as orienteering, ridge walks, maze runs, hill runs, campfires, football, soccer, basketball, cricket, and hiking.

    We provide high-end fitness facilities and accommodation for remote getaways. Our facilities include a variety of amenities such as football/cricket ovals with a turf wicket, a complete fitness facility with premium endurance equipment, TV, free Wi-Fi, split system air conditioners, and comprehensive BBQ and/or kitchen facilities.

    Yes, we can create customized outcome-based programs for your group, tailored to their specific needs and goals. Our performance athlete trainers specialize in outdoor adventure programs and can design programs to meet your requirements.

    Yes, we provide the ideal environment and setup for clubs/schools to organize their own specific training camps. We offer access to various facilities such as hills, ovals, indoor workshop space, meals area, ropes course, orienteering courses, ridge walks, hedge mazes, and more.

    Yes, we offer add-ons such as expert fitness instruction, outcome-based programs, nutrition workshops, fitness programs, and guidance. We also have an in-house chef available to cater to your dietary needs.

    We specialize in outdoor adventure programs and offer a range of activities such as orienteering, hiking, endurance workouts, mazes, hill runs, campfires, mini-golf, and basketball. Visit our activities page for more information.

    We have professionally maintained football/cricket ovals with a turf wicket, a complete fitness facility featuring premium endurance equipment such as Skiergs, Bench Press, Dumbbell Weights, Tyres, and more. Each accommodation is equipped with a TV, free Wi-Fi, split system air conditioners, and a comprehensive BBQ and/or kitchen. For more details, please visit our facilities page.

    Bring Your Sports Club &
    Make Some Memories

    Escape to serenity at The Village Green, surrounded by breathtaking views in the iconic Valley of a Thousand Hills. Enjoy ample space between each accommodation site for ultimate relaxation.

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