Terms & Conditions

Terms & Agreement

Liability: Trading as Village Green Campsite Pty Ltd (VG&C) and its agents and employees do not accept liability for loss of property or damage or personal injury arising from the use of the facilities. The hirer is responsible for ensuring that they have appropriate public liability insurance for their group.

Privacy ActVG&C gives assurance that any personal information including medical details gathered by VG&C, or provided by the group leader, will remain confidential only used for the purposes for which it was collected.

Conditions: It is the responsibility of each group to ensure that visitors understand and follow VG&C rules and procedures.

Rules and Procedures

Each group must have a competent leader in charge to liaise with VG&C staff.

VG&C recommends a ratio of one leader to ten visitors (1:10). The group leader is responsible for supervision at all times.

VG&C staff or their sub-contracted outdoor activity providers may instruct, lead, demonstrate or assist in an activity but the group leader is deemed to be responsible for overall group supervision, safety and first aid. VG&C will provide written procedures for the conduct of specialised outdoor activities.

Daily duties: VG&C is to be maintained in a clean condition.

Catered groups may be asked to provide duty groups to set and clear tables for each meal. Other daily cleaning duties may be required and will be specified by VG&C staff.

Self-catered groups are responsible for cleaning and maintaining all areas in an hygienic manner.

Drinking waterRainwater tanks provide drinking water. All non-drinking water is placarded. For health and safety visitors are requested to only drink from placarded water taps.

What to bring: Sleeping bag or blankets, bed linen, towel, toiletries, personal needs and torch.

Arrival/Departure: Visitors must not arrive prior to the allocated time and must not overstay the allocated departure time. VG&C staff need to address the visitors as soon as practicable after arrival. It is the responsibility of the group leader to assemble visitors at a mutually convenient time. If group dynamics do not permit, then it is the responsibility of the group leader to convey the safety briefing to the visitors according to VG&C staff directions.

Emergency procedures

Procedures: Emergency procedure notices are posted throughout VG&C and visitors should make themselves familiar with the arrangements.

Fire Fighting Equipment: Extinguishers, fire hoses and smoke detectors are vital and are located around the site. These should not be tampered with or removed.

Fires. No fire or BBQ may be lit on the property without the consent of VG&C staff. Fire restriction notices and Total Fire Ban Days must be strictly observed.


Damage and loss: All breakages and losses to VG&C property or equipment are to be reported to VG&C staff. They will be invoiced to the group. VG&C takes no responsibility for the loss or damage to personal property. Visitors are only permitted to access the buildings to which they have been allocated.

Parking: All vehicle parking is strictly at the owner’s risk and only in designated car parks.

Speed restrictions: Speed restrictions apply and are strictly enforced.

The environment: VG&C is a Tourism Precinct and is a sanctuary for flora and fauna. National Park rules apply. No camper is permitted to bring firearms, animals or pets onto the property without permission or to disturb the natural environment. Care and commonsense should be taken when approaching VG&C animals. Garbage and recyclable materials are to be placed in designated areas.

Smoke free environment: All buildings at VG&C are designated smoke free zones.

Alcohol: May only be consumed according to guidelines provided by the VG&C.

Out of bounds areas: All dams, sheds, residences, surrounding property and creeks are ‘out of bounds’. Other areas including work sites, and specialised activities are ‘out of bounds’. These activities can only accessed with the prior approval of VG&C staff and under adult supervision.

Emergency calls: VG&C staff are to be informed of any calls for emergency services and will make the business telephone available for such calls.

Private calls: A telephone is available.

First Aid: First aid is the responsibility of the hirer, who must provide its own first aid equipment & trained staff.

Programs: It is the responsibility of the hirer to provide adequately trained, experienced or skilled leaders for the activities undertaken. VG&C reserves the right to withdraw equipment or access to activities should the hirer group not provide suitably trained, qualified or experienced activity leaders, or be found abusing equipment. When VG&C staff, including sub-contracted activity providers, demonstrate, lead or instruct an activity they will take responsibility for the technical skills and related safety of visitors. Group leaders are responsible for the supervision and behaviour of the group at the activity, too and from the activity, and for those awaiting their turn and 1st aid.

Group Leaders

It is the group leader’s responsibility to ensure that:

  • Each person under 18 years of age has appropriate parent/guardian consent to attend the camp
  • Each person has completed a health/medical record sheet
  • The VG&C’s illness and injury register is filled out for all such incidents
  • The VG&C is provided with a written list of the group’s names
  • All day visitor members of the group are advised of the VG&C’s safety briefing and ‘conditions of hire’
  • Safety issues associated with self-led, off-site excursions are identified and necessary precautions taken
  • All visitors adhere to ‘sun-safety’ strategies
  • Bed-wetters, sleepwalkers & children under 6 should not sleep on top bunks
  • VG&C activity staff are advised of any medical conditions or behaviour that may arise and may place the Group member or others at risk.

Terminating the occupancy: VG&C reserves the right to terminate the occupancy without notice for breach of the General Conditions for Hire. VG&C staff are empowered to take action as deemed necessary for the proper conduct of the camp.

BehaviourCare and commonsense should be taken in all buildings. Group leaders are asked to remind people to respect each other, others’ personal property and the environment. All noise should cease by 11.00 p.m.

The staff at VG&C take pride in presenting the facilities and grounds in an aesthetic, clean, safe and hygienic manner and we welcome your feedback for further improvements.

Booking, Payment & Cancellation Policy

  1. Village Green Campsite accepts bookings made via airbnb and riparide,  we take bookings over the phone, and in person on our premises for the Oval and Pavilion only.
  2. Bookings are secure once a 50% deposit of the total booking value is received.
  3. The outstanding balance must be paid by no later than check-in.
  4. Cancellations made 14 days before check-in will be eligible for a full refund of any monies already paid.
  5. Cancellations made within 14 days of check-in will forfeit the deposit or value thereof.
  6. Cancellations can be made online via thevg.com.au, over the phone, and in person on our premises.